OHHHH! For Clarisonic Opal

Article by Cristal Orpilla, RN

Clarisonic, the maker of the famous skincare brush, is soon to launch the palm-sized Opal Sonic Infusion system this month.  The Opal works by combining sonic micro-massage with a hyaluronic acid and marine extract based serum to achieve an immediately noticeable and long-lasting (about 6 hours or so) reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye puffiness.


Sonic technology works on the basis of ultrasonic theory. Large molecules (the good stuff that’s found in serums, creams, and lotions) normally cannot penetrate the skin to provide its beneficial effects.  Ultrasonic frequencies makes that penetration possible by opening minute pathways to allow a product to penetrate deeply into your skin, for better and  more long-lasting results.  The Sea Serum included in the package is conveniently housed in the Opal’s cap.  This light serum includes marine extracts, Vitamin C, niacinamide, and soluble collagen,  lasts about 4 months with twice daily application.


Upon hearing about the Opal, I was a bit skeptical.  How could 30 seconds of light pulses serve to show any difference? But after testing the Opal myself, I instantly became hooked! The system is palm-sized and oval shaped,  with a tiny silicone tip that’s used to deliver the ultrasonic pulses. Upon turning the system on, the system’s automatic timer goes on for 30 seconds at a time. The tiny pulses felt like  magical little hands kneading away at the eyebags  that resulted from a 12 hour shift the night before.  And with each titillating pulse, I could feel the cooling serum calm my tired eyes.  After 2 minutes (3o seconds per eye, plus 1 additional minute to ensure product penetration), I immediately noticed reduced puffiness, softer skin, and an overall rejuvenation of the eye area.  This little gadget has certainly  become a staple beauty accoutrement, especially after all-nighters, be it work or play.


*The Opal sonic infusion system launches mid-January, and can be purchased at professional offices for about $249.

Photo Credit: Clarisonic.com

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  1. Clarisonic

    Wow! Thanks so much for the amazing Clarisonic Opal review. Are you still using the product? we would love to hear what you think after several months of use. If you have product questions or concerns we are here to help. Find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or via email info@clarisonic.com. Cheers!

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