Lovely Long Lashes- Naturally!

It’s no secret that naturally long lashes enhance the allure, appeal, and charm of the eyes.  While I’ve been blessed with naturally long lashes, I have always turned to mascaras to give me the thickness and volume that I lacked.  After awhile though,  I began to notice that my mascara craze has led to dry, brittle lashes that were becoming more and more sparse!

So I did a little digging and was thrilled to have found the answer in eyelash conditioners.  Eyelash conditioners literally go to the root of the problem.  Active ingredients called growth factors that are found in these wonder serums work by creating a healthy environment for the hair follicle.  In so doing, they aim to increase the life cycle of each eyelash by creating a stronger bond,  which results in healthier eyelash hair.  When lashes are healthy,  the active phase in which they grow (the Anagen phase) is prolonged.

Tried and True Lash Serums

MD Lash Factor– My lashes grew FAST with this serum.  I found a noticeable increase in length in about 2 weeks.  After 4 weeks, I had to alternate with another serum that helped to add thickness and volume.  MD Lash mainly helped with length,  but I still wanted more thickness.

Neova Essential Lash– I really achieved the thickness and volume I wanted with this serum.  This can also be used for the brows to help them grow in a little faster,  especially if you over-pluck a few hairs.

Revitalash– Also an excellent serum to promote eyelash growth.  This was originally developed by a physician whose wife had undergone intensive chemotherapy for breast cancer. The chemo had left her eyelashes thin and sparse, so Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff developed Revitalash especially for her.

Update! Revitalash also has a mascara that glides on beautifully and clump-free.

Latisse– Latisse is the first prescription-only serum aimed at treating  eyelash hypotrichosis (fancy word for loss of eyelash hair).  Latisse is a spinoff of the drug, Lumigan, which was was originally intended for glaucoma patients.  It was found that eyelash growth was a side effect of Lumigan.  Thus, Latisse was born.  As an FYI, a known side effect of Latisse is a transient darkening of the skin around the lids near the lash line.  This disappears upon discontinued use of the product.

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