Saving Face! Anti-aging Makeup 101

 By Karin Ruiz

Aging gracefully to halt Father Time is round the clock and takes a lot of work!



Every day women around the world start the day “putting on their face”. I used to be bewildered by that expression as a little girl, but now I too spend a solid 15 minutes each day filling, covering, and blending away to restore my complexion and expressions back where they belong. With all of the anti-aging beauty claims out there, it’s hard to keep track of what a girl needs in her makeup bag to turn back the hands of time.

I don’t just want a product that will cover up any signs-of-time, though. I prefer to fight fine lines with double duty agents that will serve-and -protect so to speak. Read on for a quick review of the best anti-aging ingredients to help you  “save face”!


Base Camp

Your skin is pretty much the visible history of your life. Too much stress, sun, and all those other other skin-sins all show up in the form of fine lines and spots for everyone to see.

If I had to choose just one beauty product to erase the signs of aging, it would be a good foundation. Powders, liquids, or creams all help to even out your skin tone and help cover all those imperfections that really give away your age. Think about the supple, smooth skin of a baby. Your aim is to mimic those tiny pores, flawless facades, and crease-less complexions.

Look for hydrating and nourishing foundation formulas. Vitamins C and E are great for fighting free radicals. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (frequently found in mineral makeup) help to calm irritation and relieve redness. Of course,  SPF will help act as damage control and stave off future flaws as well.

I love Bare Minerals Original Foundation ($25, for it’s surprisingly creaminess and easy coverage-control. Estee Lauder Futurist Age-resisting Makeup ( $34.50, is an absolute miracle worker as well!


Eyes Wide Open

Crows feet are for the birds!

The delicate skin around the eyes is often one of the first places we notice the signs of aging settling in. It’s no wonder either. Squinting, the sun, smoking, and even just laughing all contribute to those first fine lines.  As we age, this already super thin skin becomes even more delicate resulting in the appearance of dark circles as well. Don’t despair!

Concealer can help by covering, correcting those tired bags and fine lines.  The real trick is to smooth the skin as much as possible,either with an eye cream or serum or with a great product.Besides the protection that you use on your face (Vitamin E and SPF ), your best bet is to look  for ingredients that de-puff and fill as well. Collagen and xylitol are common in anti-aging eye makeup. Some higher end products like the Ceramic Skin Smoother from NV Perricone ($35.50, use DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) and Vitamin C which team up to resurface the skin. Clinique’s All About Eyes ($15.50, is a super hydrating and light formula which that covers flawlessly.

Just remember: less is more around the eye. Use a little product and apply it by patting, not rubbing, it in with the tip of your middle or ring finger.


Lip Service

It’s no surprise the fine lines love to park by your pucker!

With all of the movement our mouths make through talking, smiling, and even eating, the skin here ages a little faster than we want it to for sure.  Locking in as much moisture as possible is the key to keeping your lips a plump and pouty as possible. Lipids, dimethicone, and glycerine are standard smooch smoothers.  Loreal’s Colour Riche lipstick ($8.95, touts pout puffing collagen and hyaluronic “micro spheres” as well.



Go ahead and save face. Spend a little time getting to know what goes in to what you put on, and you’ll be aging gracefully for years to come!



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