Vita-mega-hair Regimens

Can healthy hair really just be as simple as a wash away?

We all know our bodies need a boost from vitamin doses…  but what about your hair?  Many products claim to provide healthy, beautiful hair from shampoos, conditioners, and leave-ins that are infused with vitamins.  But do these products really work?

I have to admit that when products such as Bed Head’s Self Absorbed Vitamin C line and Vitamin Shampoo sulfate-free  vitamin-enriched acai formulation came out,  I was curious to try them out.  So I flipped over to the ingredients list to check out the contents and here’s what I found:

Vitamin A- Retinyl Palmitate
Vitamin B/B5- Panthenol (the basis of what’s found in Pantene)
Vitamin C- Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
Vitamin D- Ergocalciferol
Vitamin E- Tocopherol acetate

The first thing I noticed is that the vitamins, which are supposed to be the superstars of the products,  appeared towards the end of the ingredients list.  It’s important for people to realize that in every bath and body product, ingredients are always listed in descending order of concentration.  High concentrations of an ingredient will always be at the top of the list.  So since the vitamins appear towards the end,  don’t expect concentrations to be as high as say your daily oral multi-vitamin supplement.

It’s also important to know that although that vitamins are present in the formulations,  they do NOT and will NOT reconstruct the hair.  Hair is considered “dead” so vitamins won’t really do anything for the cells in hair.  Vitamins are essential only for the metabolism of healthy living cells.  But that’s ‘s not to say that these products are rendered useless.  The formulations also contain hydrating ingredients such as dimethicone (which are nearer the top of the list!), that would help quench and condition the hair.

The bottom line: don’t run out to buy hair products just because they tell you it contains “mega” vitamins.  You’re better off with traditional oral supplements to get your daily boost. Chances are, it could just be a costly marketing hype.

Do you have a favorite Vita-Mega-Hair Regimen?

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