Go Organic! Get the Most for Your Money and Health

Incorporating organic food into your lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank!

By Christine Thorpe

Weekly supermarket shopping can be an adventure or a headache.  Nowadays it takes a little bit of skill to navigate the aisles to make wise food selections that are affordable and nutritious, especially during this economy.  Read on for a few tips on how to keep in mind when you head out to organic supermarkets.


1. Focus!

Center your shopping on the perimeter of the supermarket for these items:

Fresh fruits and vegetables clearly labeled organic

Organic dairy and cage-free eggs

Wild fish & seafood

Free range grass-fed beef, poultry and pork that’s raised locally

This is where you will most likely spend the most, as these are the most nutrient dense whole foods that are grown or raised free of pesticides and hormones.


2. Freeze!

Next, find your way to the frozen food sections. Whenever fresh fruits and vegetables are not available or too costly, frozen produce is the next best choice. Try to avoid products with additional seasoning because they tend to be high in sodium or sugar.

Frozen fish and seafood are also reasonable to purchase.


3. Scutinize!

The middle aisles are where you find your processed and packaged foods that have a long shelf-life. Consider these points before buying:

* Just because the store is organic doesn’t mean that ALL the food there is good for you. Sugary and salty foods that bear the organic label are still foods that can contribute to the development of diabetes and heart disease.

* Not all foods in an organic supermarket are organic.   Some are labeled “all natural” which means that the food item doesn’t contact artificial ingredients, colors, and is processed very minimally.  Understand the difference when making your selections.

* Compare prices while comparing labels.  The inner aisles should make up a small portion of your shopping budget.


With this mapped out approach to shopping at organic supermarkets, you can make wise decisions about what you eat and how much you spend.


Happy shopping! How do you go organic?



Dr. Christine Thorpe is the founder of Cris Simone Beauty & Health (www.crissimone.com), an online lifestyle resource for busy women who aspire to experience the art of living well.  As a promoter of the synergy between beauty and health, Dr. Thorpe is always eager to share with women tips and resources for tapping into their inner wellness goddess.

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