Sun Smarts

Sun protection is a must, especially as sunny days draw near. With all the alternatives in sun protection available, there are more ways than one to help keep skin damage-free!



-Colorescience Sunforgettable in SPF 30 and SPF 50
Sunforgetabble powdered sunscreen has never made it easier to apply ! The retractable brush is small enough to go anywhere, while the powdered sunscreen is highly water resistant. The SPF powders come in 3 sheer shades that blend into every type of skin tone. Perfect for a day at the beach!


-La Roche Posay Fluide Anthelios XL SPF 60 Tinted
This is a super light facial moisturizer that has a nice tint that leaves the skin with a healthy glow.  The Mexoryl does a great job for providing UVA protection that will ward off future wrinkles from sun damage.


-Colorescience Lip Shine
Lip service cannot be ignored when it comes to sun protection. This lip serum gives SPF 30 sun protection and feels non-greasy. It also leaves the lips wonderfully plump and hydrated, thanks to the added oligopeptides. The mild minty flavor is an added bonus to give a hint of fresh breath!


-Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup
Coverage AND SPF 30 sun protection! The Jane Iredale mineral makeup line has great coverage and a velvety finish. And since the line is comprised talc-free, it doesn’t clog pores, and is gentle enough for sensitive skin types.


Body :

– Lubriderm SPF 15 Moisturizing lotion
Never forget to apply with this daily moisturizer with SPF protection. Just leave by the shower and apply when the skin is still damp to prevent dry skin AND start your day protected!


– Aveeno Continuous Protection spray SPF 50
Convenient and fast, the continuous spray mists the body with even coverage to provide the needed UVA/UVB protection. Skin pampering active naturals leave the skin soft and protected,  not greasy.


-Banana Boat Sport Performance Dri-Blok Sunblock
Light and nongreasy, this is great sun protection for all skin types, especially fair skin. Banana Boat Sport Performance absorbs very quickly, and leaves a powdery finish without leaving the skin slick or sticky. It’s also highly water resistant, and won’t come off as quickly from excessive perspiration.


-Sun Soul Protective Clothing

Talk about skin therapy on the go-  with style! Sun  Soul wearable sun protective clothing is made of material that harnesses and filters the sun’s narrow wavelengths of healthy, beneficial light while simultaneously blocking UV rays.  The material in Sun Soul active clothing,  which has UPF 50+,  also works to  amplify specific wavelengths (similar to the ones emitted from LED light machines) that help to improve conditions such as acne and skin aging. Gives good reason to bask in the sun all day long!

What are some of your favorite ways to keep skin protected?

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