Travel in Style

Article by Cristal G. Orpilla, RN

The trek from cab to terminal has unspoken rules one must follow to make sure departure and arrival run smoothly. Whether it’s business or pleasure,  here are 5 travel tips for a start on the perfect getaway.

Ready... Jet-Set, GO! In the exciting world of travel, one must know how to carry herself and her stuff.


1. Pack light,  bring only the essentials. Pick up non-essentials at your arrival destination.

Airline security has become more strict than in past years. Keep toiletries travel-sized (less than 100 mL) and organized in a 1-liter zip lock bag.  You wouldn’t want that full-sized Chanel No. 5 to end up in the garbage during security check.



2. Have a handy travel kit and keep it in a convenient place.

-Lip gloss

-Nail file


-Lint roller

-Travel size toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

-Travel sized perfume

-Emergency cash



3. Dress up, but never sacrifice comfort for fashion when traveling.

-Dress in layers so you can peel off at will if temperatures change.

-Oversized pashmina (doubles as a blanket)

-Stylish, yet comfortable flats or loafers


4. Keep your largest, darkest, and most stylish sunglasses on the plane.

Wearing them at night can be substituted with the eye mask, but they come in handy for telling others “I want to be left alone” or that “I want to sleep and not talk to you.”




5. Keep yourself entertained, lest you be forced to listen to the babblings of the stranger next to you.

-Magazine, book, or reading device

-Mp3 player with noise canceling headphones

-Snacks like dried fruit and trail mix will keep your tastebuds satisfied and give you a break from peanuts and pretzels.


Bon Voyage! How do you travel in style? We’d love to know!

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As a New York City-based registered nurse with backgrounds in pharmacology, medical research, medical spa aesthetics, and cosmetic dermatology, Cristal became interested in the ways people go about achieving beauty. When she's not working full-time at Cornell Medical Center or performing aesthetic treatments at a midtown NYC medical spa, she daylights as a beauty writer, and has a penchant for scoring sample sale treasures, bellydancing, playing dress-up, and of course, chatting about beauty goodies.

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2 thoughts on “Travel in Style

  1. Connie {the beauty nerd}

    Great article! I think it is important to educate people on sunscreen – especially because there are so many types out there. Most brands claim UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, but they don’t actually measure the amount of UVA that has been tested. If you want to guarantee the amount of UVA protection that you receive, look for products with the PA+++ symbol (number of +’s signifies amount of UVA protection) – this proves that they have tested for PVA specifically!

  2. CristalCristal Post author

    Thanks so much for the useful tip, Connie! With the numerous brands of SPF out there, it’s so confusing which to use.

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